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Hot Dish - Preeti Kaur


A great singer and performer, Preeti Kaur is also Fashionable, energetic, charming and HOT! Just how is she? Let's find out! 


1. Do you consider yourself as hot?

- (laughs) that’s not for me to say…


2. If you were to insure one part of your body, that would be your…

- Eyes


3. Most flattering one liner or compliment you’ve received.

- You have expressive eyes


4. Your three wishes granted by a good genie would be...

- Get the opportunity to perform with Mariah Carey, always be happy and I’d request the genie to keep the last wish safe for me.


5. Cute guys or macho men?

- Macho men.


6. The hottest guy alive right now is....

- My Boyfriend


7. How do you treat your date after a nice evening? (a)Kiss goodnight (b) invite him for a drink at your place (c) go to his place.

- (a) Kiss goodnight


8. If you were a man, which female celebrity would you have a crush on?

-There are so many!


9. Men with chest hair?

- I find it sexy!


10. Sexiest part of the male anatomy?

-The Chest


11. Does size matter?

-Yes, it does.


12. Luxuriating in the bathtub or soaking in the shower?

- Luxuriating in the bathtub


13. What feels better on the skin: satin sheet or the breath of your guy.

- Breath of my guy.


14. Back seat of a car or on the stairs?



15. Donald Trump or the boy next door?

- Boy next door


16. Moonlight or neon lights?



17. Flirting or flings?



18. Cats or Dogs?



19. Which is more decent of the following two - showing off cleavage or revealing your navel?

-Showing off cleavage

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