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10 things you should discuss before getting married
The marriage season is near and some of you must have decided who's going to be your better half! Marriage is not only about the excitement of the proposal, the ring or the planning for the big day, but it’s the decision of a lifetime that you are going to share. It’s about the quality of marriage that follows. So how do you get started on the right foot? Here are the 10 things that the couples need to be discussed before you get married.
1. Decision making
 Your partner should agree with your definition of an ideal relationship. It’s important for the couples to make it clear that the decision making is carried out by sharing important decisions and deciding together who should decide what. You may not be perfect at it, but you need to know what you're working toward.
2. Task sharing and duties
 Talk about the roles in relationships before marriage. If it’s discussed earlier, it can give you a foundation on which to build later. If you aren’t happy with something there’s more to share and decide together.
3. Children
Do you both want children? If so, how many? Make sure you discuss about your offsprings and how you think children should be reared.
4. Religion and values
Religion and values are important to discuss because people often take these issues much more seriously after marriage than before. Make sure you both of you know about each other on this regard.
5. Connection to extended family
It may cause conflict in the future if you can't make enough devotion to your partner's family. Make sure that you and your partner accept each other's family importance. This can avoid enormous conflict in the future.
6. Careers
Career issues often create conflicts in the future. If you want your partner to respect your need to make decisions about your career in the future, you should be clear about the flexible, sharing and respectful attitude towards each other. 
7. Sex
It’s an important topic so, be open, honest and always ready to communicate on this subject. Also watch for a respectful, sharing and flexible attitude about sex.
8. Finances
 Finances might spin relationships out of control. What if one of you is a money spender and the other a saver? So, agree on budgets and debt-reduction schedules that suit both of your needs.
9. Time together and apart
Your partner may have a different idea about how to spending times. Discuss these things and don't fall into the trap of making assumptions about your partner's preferences as this can lead to unnecessary disappointment.
10. Alcohol, drugs and gambling
 You should be well aware of your partner’s proclivity for certain things. If any of these things is an addiction or has the potential to become one, discuss how you're going to handle this as a couple. If necessary discuss about the counseling both of you have to undertake and be sure that this is something you agree you can tackle together.

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