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Stress busters at work


Working is seldom a fun activity. Mentally straining and emotionally frustrating jobs can also be a pain in the butt, literally. To keep job related stress under control you should find ways to relieve them. You might have to take some work home, but why should you have to take a bad mood too? Here are 4 ways to leave all that behind at work.


Let the games begin! : You could use your computer for a little recreation. Shooting a few bad guys or scoring a few goals or simply a short game of solitaire can help unload the pressure off you. As long as you play in a controlled time setting, instead of being a disturbance, computer games can actually help you work better. 10 to 15 minutes of gaming during stressful times can be a real refresher.


Letting off steam : When you’re just short of blowing a fuse, the safest way to let it out would be to write it down. Take a piece of paper or your keyboard and write down all that comes to your mind, uncensored. When you feel you’ve let it all out, stop and read it a couple of times. Then destroy all evidence. As long as it doesn’t get in the wrong hands, this should work wonderfully.


Just pod : Plug in your headphones and turn on your i-pod. Listening to your favourite songs should help you loosen up.


Take a walk : The lunch time should also be a nice time to go out for a stroll and breathe in some fresh air. A 10 minute walk should help relax those stiff muscles in your body. Roaming your eyes over greeneries and distant objects should also give your eyes their much needed break.




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