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Improving your relationships


As humans we all want relationships that have trust, understanding, and good communication. We all want relationships that are effective and productive. Yet in our lives we come across people whom we find it hard to communicate or get along with. Relationships, whether they are personal or professional, need to be worked on. Personal relations need to be worked on because of the special people in our lives and professional ones need to be worked on, well, because our job performance depends on it.   


If we are to consider some traits about the human mind, improving our relationship with others shouldn’t be so difficult. Here are 5 things you should consider while on your “hearts and mind” mission.


Acknowledge the presence of others: People want to be noticed, many even crave for attention. They want their actions, attitudes, feelings and aspirations to be noticed and acknowledged. Become a person who notices.


Give thanks and appreciation: Thank others if they’ve helped you in some way, no matter how small it might seem. Appreciate the effort the put in. Be sincere in your appreciation.


Find things you genuinely like about the other person: Make a list of what you admire about your partner or another person. It’ll help if you focus on the better points rather than the bad one.


Take active interest: Take a real interest in the interest of others. Learn about their interests by being a good listener of their conversations. Encourage them to talk about their hobbies, career or interests. Try to learn something new about the topic. It will make them feel understood and important.


Do special things just for them: Find out what others like. Do something or give something they like. Make them feel special.


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