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Attractive breasts

Well shaped breasts enhance the looks of a woman. With proper exercises it can be toned up. Breasts contain no muscle but only fat cells, milk-ducts and glands, held together in a web of soft connective tissue. So increasing or reducing in the size of your breasts by exercises is not possible. Exercising your breast tissues can however help you with enhancing your breast shape and line. Smaller breasts can benefit with a firmer and prominent line and larger and sagging breasts could use some lift through firmer muscles. Here are two exercises that should help any woman beautify her assets.

Exercise 1: Lie on your tummy with the elbows bent, and fingertips facing inwards. Rest your forehead on the floor. Slowly raise your head and body, pushing down with hands, arching your spine and bending the neck backwards. Pull in your stomach muscles and lift your stomach off the floor. Slowly lower upper back and shoulders to floor to the original position. Relax. Repeat.

Exercise 2: Hold your arms straight in front of you, at shoulder level. Bring your hands slowly, towards your shoulders clenching your hands as though you are pulling something strenuously. Repeat.

Repeat the above mentioned exercises at least 5 times. Besides these two exercises, swimming is also a great exercise for breasts. For better formed breasts make it a point to go for a swim at least once a week.

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