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Substitutes for a pretty face


Yes, pretty faced guys have it easier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete. Just because you aren’t similarly gifted doesn’t mean necessarily disqualify you from the dating game. Your personality, attitude, and outlook greatly add to your face. Improving these should help you with your looks. There are some simple routines that you must know in order to get started.


One of the most noticeable things of the human face is the smile. When we come across other people, we tend to see whether the other person is smiling or not. If the other person is smiling, we smile back at them. It's a natural reaction. Your face gives off tons of clues as to your personality, attitude, and outlook. A smiling person gives off a very good impression, while a frowning or grimacing person gives off a very negative one.


Never fake a smile. It's easy to spot. When you smile because it's polite, or strained, it looks wooden. In a sincere smile, the muscles under and on the outsides of your eyes bunch up, giving your eye's natural beautiful posture. It puts your whole face into the action, especially your eyes. Smiling with your eyes welcomes people.


Learn to emphasize nice side of your character and personality. You could be a bit overweight, introspective, quite shy, and not very well known. But don’t forget that many others are too. What you are also, is smart, funny, caring, sensitive, and other things nice. Unless you show it, it’s not going to come across.


You mustn’t consider average looks as an obstacle from meeting girls and socializing with people. If your looks are not your strongest attribute, you can make up for it with your nice expressions, manners or desired social behaviors.

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