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Finding some more time


“There isn’t just enough time!”…you have without doubt heard that so many times and said that just as many times yourself. When it comes to following our interests, be it our hobbies or spending some time with our loved ones, there never is enough time. Even if we had 25 hours to a day instead of 24, we would still hope for another extra hour.


The bitter truth remains that we only have 24 hours to the day and with some better managing of our tasks, we should be able to get some time for our passions.


Tasks that are repetitive and time consuming in nature take time away from our passions. Examples of time wasters are watching TV programs that you don’t truly enjoy, doing housework chores or office tasks that you’ll only have to redo again at the end of the day like vacuum cleaning a room or checking mail. Cutting performing these less important tasks from multiple times to once a day should save a lot of time at the end of the day.


The tasks that need to be done but which can be entrusted to others should be delegated. Kids can help pick up toys, set the table and feed the pets. Spouses can help with household chores also.


Always group similar tasks together and never complete one errand when you can do two at once. For example you can tidy up a room when you are already in it to make the bed.


Everyone has places from which they can steal time. Get up an hour early. Commit to spending your lunch hour a few times per week on your passion. Give up one television show you don't absolutely love but repetitively watch.


At the end of the day you will find some time left over and over time as you get better at managing your time, you will be able to actually afford to pursue your passions.

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