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Get rid of blackheads


We all have suffered from one time or another from the attack of blackheads. Not exactly something that enhances our looks, they are a nuisance. Though troublesome to get rid of, thankfully they can be got rid of.


Blackheads usually develop if your skin produces too much oil. With the start of puberty, hormones in the body become up regulated with the accumulation of the hormone by-product Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone results in over activity of the oil gland and plugging of the pore resulting in blackheads.


This is not to say, though, that only people with oily skin are prone to having blackheads. If you use a lot of makeup and fail to cleanse your skin properly, the chances of having blackheads is high. This why frequent skin checks and deep skin cleansing is necessary to keep it from progressing into ugly black dots on your face.


Check you eating habits and increase your intake of fresh foods. It is equally important that you pay attention to your digestion process. You should make sure you have your dinner finished two hours before sleeping. Consult your family physician and take a blood purifier Tonic regularly. To oxygenate the area and encourage drainage, dip your face in hot water for three minutes followed by one minute in ice cold water. Alternate the hot and cold water for 15 minutes, finishing with the hot water. Then, lie down for 15 minutes with a cotton cloth covering your face. Do this twice everyday for a week. Also if you have an oily skin, wash your face with a face wash regularly. Keep your skin scrupulously clean.

Even if you do not see blackheads on your skin, it is still recommended that you cleanse regularly. Initial symptoms of blackheads are not visible to the naked eye. If your skin is left unclean, these yellow blackhead starts can invite more dirt and eventually grow into little black hard bumps that are more difficult to extract.

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