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Managing stress


With responsibilities comes stress. The greater the responsibility, the greater is the stress. However, Stress whether that be of the chairman of a core rupees organization or a 9 to 5 guy earning to raise a family, are just as bad.


Stress if not properly managed, can cause a toll on our bodies. Several health disorders have been linked to stress. If not careful, we risk the well being of your physical, mental and emotional states.


The most important way to tackle stress is to face it head on. It is necessary to find and change the situation that causes stress. If the source of stress can not be avoided or eradicated, try working on minimizing the impact it has on you. For example if the new co worker is the cause of stress, have a word with the human resource management.


How you think also determines how things will turn out. Have a positive attitude about life and see problems as an opportunity for the better. Keep your cool and do not let negativity weigh you down. Thinking positive will make stress more manageable.  


Unhealthy eating habits also must be rectified. Eating healthy, decreasing caffeine and exercising will help your body be more adaptive to stressful situations. Also take some time off work to relax and do something and do something small for your self as a reward. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Not getting enough sleep reduces ones ability to handle stress.


Deep breathing works as a great stress reliever. Find one that will work for you and spend some time practicing. An easy one is to sit up straight and place the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Exhale through your mouth for eight seconds and then inhale through your nose for four seconds. Hold for seven seconds then exhale again. Do these steps three or four times.


It is also necessary to have an emotional anchor.  Creating and maintaining an emotional reserve will see you through rough times. Friends or relatives towards whom you can turn for support are a great stress reliever.










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