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Quick fix for your wrinkled shirts


Well ironed shirts make an induvidual look smart and gives that aura of confidence. However, ironing a shirt, especially at the sleeves can often be tricky. Here is how you can iron your shirt just as good as a professional does. Check out the list and see if you’re doing it the professional way.


If your shirt has a tag at the back of the neck that lists the temperature requisites and set the iron accordingly.

Turn the arms inside out and spread one side of the shirt on the ironing surface.


Go slowly. You would be amazed at how easy it is to iron in new wrinkles.


Now place half of the back of the shirt over the ironing board. Smooth out all wrinkles.


Once the iron is hot enough, gently but firmly smooth over the fabric area- go especially slow over the wrinkles.


Repeat for second half of the back of the shirt.


Rotate the shirt until you have ironed out all sections of the shirt.


Now for the sleeves. The trick here is to avoid creating a second crease down the length of the arm, beside the original one. It can’t get any tackier. With the sleeves inside out, spray a little water along the line of the seam and iron out - as if you’re erasing the crease out.


Turn arms tight side out and start with the cuffs – hold the cuff down inside out and iron from the corners inward. Repeat right side out. Button the cuffs and flatten sleeves. Press the crease along the entire sleeve length and then finish the entire sleeve.


Now, turn your attention to the collar- give it the same treatment as the cuffs. Dampening it will help.


Then comes the strip with the button holes – iron on the inside.


Hang the shirt on a hanger, buttoning the collar button to hold the fabric in place.



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