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High electricity bill: Watt you can do about it

Frequent load sheddings are a headache. And an outrageous electricity bill at the end of a month darkened by blackouts is a outright annoying. Maybe if we all used this resource sparingly, we wouldn’t have to face so many blackouts or pay such high bills either. Monitor the following electric appliances and see where you can save energy.

Refrigerators: Refrigerators consume about 230 to 300 watts, but as they work round the clock, that can sum up to a greater amount. So you should try to keep the load on the fridge at a minimum. There are three important things to remember for this. Do not put steaming hot food into the fridge. First let the food cool down. Also avoid overstocking your fridge to allow better air flow and close the doors as quickly as possible.


Washing machines: The washing machine consumes a lot of electricity, even more so when the heater cycle is on. So keep it off.


Microwave ovens: To save power, cold food from the fridge should be first defrosted. Directly heating it will only consume more energy in the first minute and yet achieve only as much. Once the frost has melted away, drain out the water and cook.


Geysers: These are probably the greatest consumers of electricity. Use this appliance sparingly. If possible use a smaller geyser.


CFL tubes and bulbs: CFL tubes give off brighter lights that are gentle on the eyes and on the pockets. CFL tubes consume about 40% less electricity than the regular bulbs. Replace bulbs with CFL tubes or CFL bulbs.


TV sets: Luckily, the favorite item in the household, the TV doesn’t consume much electricity. A CRT monitor or TV consumes only 1.5 to 1.6 amps (345 watts approximately). Modern LCD TV’s consume much less, about 1 amp (230 watts or less.).

Even though turn off TV and monitors when not being used.


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