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Removing gum from clothing

Gum is pleasant to chew but annoying to be heard chewed and even more so annoying if stuck onto your clothing. If it's your favourite jeans or shirt or any other apparel, don't panic yet. It can be taken out easily if you keep your cool.

One of the traditional tips is to apply ice to the gum until it is frozen, about 10 to 15 minutes. Once frozen, remove gum with a knife. It is preferable to use a dull knife like a butter knife so the garment isn't accidentally cut.

Some recommend that people remove gum by freezing the whole garment for about an hour. This will accomplish the same effect as applying ice to the gum. However, it is a bit more time consuming. Again, once the garment has been frozen, remove gum with a dull knife, or pick the gum off manually.

Some people recommend placing peanut butter on the garment prior to freezing it, because it does tend to adhere to the gum and make it easier to remove gum. The problem with this method may be that the garment ends up significantly stained. If the garment requires delicate handling, it may be stained beyond all hope of recovery due to the oils in peanut butter.

It can be a tricky process to remove gum from clothing, and there are many tips to do so. A lot depends upon the nature of the clothing. A knife shouldn't be taken to a delicate silk blouse, but it might work to remove gum from jeans.




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