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 Modern life has big challenges especially for the young and ambitious: 1. To stay healthy in an increasingly unhealthy and polluted environment. 2. To do stressful work for professional achievement but to stay stress-free. 3. To remain calm in the crowded and noisy surrounding. 4. To find a meaning in life and attain a sense of fulfillment.

It may sound quixotic to state that modern life should be lived in the ancient style to face these challenges. It is nonetheless true that modern life is not complete and fulfilling without a tinge of ancient values. Modern life is mainly guided by materialism. There is nothing wrong in it. However it should be combined with spiritualism to make it fulfilling and satisfying. Materialism and spiritualism are not antagonistic. They are complementary to each other. The Western world is the leader in material achievement. The Eastern world is the leader in spiritual pursuit. Combine the two and we will have an ideal and happy life. Imbalance in them creates problems and that is why they abound in both the worlds.

Human life is a consciously felt living. An animal life is solely dictated by natural instincts. But human life is lived with an awareness of living within and beyond the natural instincts. In other words, human beings follow the natural callings like eating, sleeping, and fornicating like all animals do but, beyond it, they are consciously trying to make it meaningful and get a sense of fulfillment. The sense of fulfillment is subjective and very personal.

To do so, man first needs to fulfill his basic needs for physical survival and material pleasures. Without meeting the basic material needs, it is useless to talk about spiritualism. Therefore, the primary needs of man like food, shelter, education, health and employment must be addressed. Modern life is known for unlimited greed. In case of those people who are in materialistic competition, spiritualism can play a big role in limiting human beings in their needs and preventing them from going into unlimited greed and it is the ancient value that promotes it. That is one reason why we need to develop a composite lifestyle of mixing materialism and spiritualism. This can be further explained in terms of two aspects of humanism -- one is physical fulfillment and another spiritual attainment. Without the first, humans cannot survive. Without the second, there will be no limit to desires like amassing wealth. Amassing wealth is linked with physical might and further tied with possessing destructive weapons like the atom bomb.

The second part consists of internal conditionality. It is related to spirituality, ethical values and harmonious coexistence of different philosophies, when one learns to look within. The western philosophy is based on human search for the material needs whereas the eastern philosophy is centered round the search for the spiritual attainment. The objective is to keep body and mind in perfect harmony and achieve peace and happiness. Let us see how we can do it.

 Please come back to eNasha to read more about balance living. If you have trouble in clusters and clutters of modern living, write to us and will get back to help you with the quizzes of lives.

 - Aditya Man Shrestha

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