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$2.04m for a club membership

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the world most exclusive club the 2-20 Club.  We found about this exclusive club and we bet you would love to read what happens at the $2.4m club.  The 2-20 Club is an ultra exclusive group for the super rich, and it's been a secret society until now. Just how exclusive is it? If you want to join, you'll have to chock up £100,000 ($203,890) up front and an additional £1,000,000 ($2.04m) to renew your membership each year. And on top of that members have to be nominated by an existing member, seconded by another existing member and then interviewed before being inducted.

It may sound like a lot of trouble to get, but for those who can afford it, the perks are just as luxurious as you and I could imagine them to be. Think of 200 ft yatchs, two helicopters, four jets (including a Gulfstream G5), exotic cars and a Bugatti Veyron all at your beck and call. Members can use these lush travelling accomodations to vacation on private islands owned by the club. And don't think for a second they'll have any trouble getting into any club, party or award show around the world.

Even the membership card for the 2-20 Club is tailored for expensive taste. The card comes in a box that is covered with Japanese urushi lacquer. Both the card and the box are made out of aerospace grade titanium, which is usually used for F1 racing cars. And the card itself features metal from a decommissioned space rocket in the center. Hey, all that money for membership fees has to go somewhere, right?

So why all the secrecy up until now? Well it seems that one of the members was pushed out of the group after causing £650,000 ($1.32m) worth of damage to a yatch when a party got out of hand. Of course the identity of this person hasn't been revealed but hell hath no fury like a multi millionaire scorned. This evicted member planned to reveal the details of the club to the public. But the rest of the committee was one step ahead of him or her and decided to break the story on their own. Slick.

Think you want to be a member of the 2-20 Club?
The membership is capped at 20, and unsurprisingly only 11 have been accepted up until now. Hopefully you can make your first billion before the other 9 openings are snapped up!


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