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Staying fit in the autumn

Autumn is here, the wind starts to get chillier and the sun takes a shorter way across the skies. The chill air that blows in the evenings and the fogs that roll across in the absence of the sun invites the jackets and coats out of the closet. If you don’t take out yours, you could get yourself pretty sick. The autumn weather is very beautiful but can be very harsh as well. So besides arming yourself with a snug jacket, it would be wise to boost up your immune system too.

One of the easiest ways to improve your immune system is to alternate between hot and cold water when you shower. This will also cause you to be more awake and refreshed. Alternatively, regular visits to a sauna will result in fewer infections by boosting your immune system. Fresh air is also important for a person's health. This is especially true when it is wet and cold outside. To boost your immune system, you should walk at least twice a week for at least half an hour preferably in a place that provides soothing sights and a peaceful environment alongside fresh air. Remember to take deep breaths in order to maximize the oxygen levels provided to you by the fresh air.

However, be aware that you should be careful, if you sweat. You should avoid cooling down too quickly, especially, if it is cold outside. Generally, you should avoid being cold as this might actually cause you to get a cold instead of boosting your immune system. Therefore, always dress appropriately when enjoying the fresh air. Another way to boost your immune system is through your food intake. Especially in the wet and cold seasons of the year, you will need more vitamins and energy to fight off the bacteria and viruses. You should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Stress and a hectic lifestyle can be detrimental to your health and lack of sleep and relaxation weakens your defense mechanisms. Thus, make an effort to get enough sleep, ideally eight hours a day.

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