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Post holiday blues

With the Dashain holiday over and the Tihar holidays to look forward to, most of us are still not ready to accept the fact that it’s back to office time. We may be back at work in our bodies, but definitely not in our spirits. Returning to work after a few days’ holiday can be a boring experience. After days of merry making and stress free environment, its no wonder that the whole idea of getting back to work seems a little too much to take on.

How do you survive this post holiday blues? To make things more organized, make a list of things to do. This will allow you to keep your thoughts in order and yourself actions on track. Everything will seem much easier when you follow a point-by-point list. This will help you regain the rhythm you had at work before the holidays. When you return back from work it is necessary that you take it easy.

Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself with lots of projects right away. Giving yourself too much to do will make you feel tired, overworked, and will lower your productivity. Start with little projects, complete them, and work your way back into your old self.

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