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Procrastination is the most troublesome obstacle one has to face in ones daily life. This old man procrastination can be a real obstacle when it comes to achieving ones goals, thus hampering personal and professional development.

The pile of work that lays on your desk or in the other windows in your computer desktop can be a discouraging sight. If you say to yourself "Ah! I'll do that later", it is only human to want to avoid all that trouble. Yet you know that you can only really relax when you've managed to complete that task. Link your mind to the success and happiness you are going to feel when you put this particular project behind you. Take a minute or two and invest some emotional energy in the successful outcome of this project and its benefits. Visualize as clearly as you can what you will look and more importantly, what you will feel like when you have put this project behind you. The idea of this emotional investment and visualization is to create anticipation and excitement for the completion of the project that is greater than the difficulty that you see in your task. By eliminating any negative thought you have about this you will see that procrastination dries up. You must stop giving your mind procrastination thoughts.

After reading this, stop anything else you've been doing that has been keeping your from accomplishing your task. Devote a minute or two to get in the proper mind set. Then immediately work on your task for 10 minutes. A current of ideas, energy and accomplishment will flow in your direction.

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