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Tips to avoiding a hangover

Hangovers! That's the last thing you want, and if you don't drink sensibly, that is what you'll end up with the morning after. However, if you play by the rules, you can avoid getting a hangover, or at least reduce its intensity and make it more tolerable. Here are some basic yet often overlooked pointers that all swiggers must take note of. 

1. Don't Mix Drinks!: There's a phrase in English that goes like this, "Liquor before beer, you're in the clear, beer before liquor never been sicker". Though grammatically incorrect, this phrase however does give a sound advice. However, it would be wiser if you don't mix your drinks at all. Pick your drink of the night and stick to it.

2. If your drinking wine, stick to one color: Don't mix red and white wine, and as far as blush wine goes, avoid it entirely.

3. Avoid sugary drinks: Sugar, like alcohol, dehydrates you. If you are drinking a lot of sugary drinks your body is becoming dehydrated more rapidly than drinking liquor alone.

4. Stay hydrated: Take a glass of water between shots to keep your body hydrated. While drinking, your body looses twice the amount of fluids than you are consuming. This ultimately leads to dehydration, which is all what a hangover really is.

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