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Do you lie?

Nobody likes a liar and no one likes to be called one. If you outright deny something that you actually did do, then that is a lie. We are all aware of this. In fact when we mention the word lie this is what comes to mind. However we can also lie by speech, in writing, with gestures, by remaining silent, with our eyes and even with a fake smile. Lies like these fool people and many times may go unnoticed by even the one who commits the lie.

Sometimes we repeat something that we heard, but aren't sure whether it is true. Yet we act as if it is true. This is lying as we mislead other people into believing that it is absolutely true, when in fact it is only hearsay. To avoid such lie we must preface our comments by mentioning that what we are talking about is something we read or heard.

When we backbite also, we are lying. If we hate someone, but to his/her face, we pretend to be friends or when we get alone with the boss but talk about how awful he/she is, we are committing a lie. If we can't tell a person to their face what we think of him or her, then we should either be quiet about them, or find things about them that we can admire.

Another disguised form of lying is to speak quickly or write inaudibly so as to deceive others. For example there are practices of making contracts that are written in fine prints or in huge volumes to deceive others. To avoid making such lies you must be willing to refuse to work for individuals who use these tactics.

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