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Eye hear it all!

Most often it is through the body language that we can understand what really a person is trying to say, and more importantly not trying to convey. The speaker may disguise his true feelings with more suitable choice of words or even remain silent. But his body might be giving him away. To experts on the body language, everybody’s life is an open book.

It might not be so fun to be able to read everybody’s thoughts, but if you can learn just enough, it should help you make better decisions. If you take some time to observe people, you can learn some few fundamental signals that the human body communicates.

Watch their facial expressions, eye contact, posture, hand and feet movements, body movement and placement as they talk or walk towards you. Every gesture should be telling you something.

Observe the body language of job applicants. On the basis of this nonverbal communication you can assess them better. You can read volumes from how the applicant sits in the lobby. The nonverbal communication during an interview should also elucidate the candidate’s skills, strengths, weaknesses, and concerns for you.

Probe nonverbal communication during an investigation or other situation in which you need facts and believable statements. Again, the nonverbal may reveal more than the person’s spoken words.

When leading a meeting or speaking to a group, recognize that nonverbal cues can tell you when you’ve talked long enough, when someone else wants to speak, and the mood of the crowd and their reaction to your remarks. Listen to them and you’ll be a better leader and speaker.

Familiarize yourself to watching nonverbal communication. Your ability to read the unspoken form of communication will grow with practice. Then you’ll be able to hear it all!

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