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Milk and your child: Make sure he gets enough calcium

Many children create a scene when it comes to finishing their glass of milk. It’s a scene that repeats itself everyday. Does your child also refuse to drink milk?

Milk is an important source of calcium and protein and thus a vital drink for growing kids. The recommended amount of milk consumption for kids aged 6 to 9, the recommended figure is 800 milligrams and for those of the age group 9 to 18 is 1,300 milligrams (i.e. 4 glasses).


If you have problems with your kid refusing to drink milk, try getting down to the reasons why he/she rejects it. Could it be that your child simply doesn’t like the taste or is it because it upsets his/her stomach afterwards? Or is your youngster taking in too much of juices and sodas?


To ensure that your child does not miss out on the goodness of milk, impose restrictions on sodas, juices and sports drinks at home. Fill the refrigerator instead with fresh milk, water and 100 percent juices that are fortified with calcium. If your child isn’t fond of milk, try giving him/her calcium-rich dairy products such as yogurt, natural cheeses or milkshakes. If dairy products upset your child’s stomach, you can always give him/her some non-dairy foods such as broccoli, kale, spinach, tofu and canned salmon. 

Despite the best intentions of parents, children always seem to have a different view.

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