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Quick makeup for the dynamic woman

You’re busy, you love it! It’s great you’re living the way you wanted to but there’s one problem…you wish you had some more time for makeup! Ironically, the busy woman of today should be able to do her makeup on the fly. Carry in your hand bag few essential must have makeup kits and be the dynamic lady that you are.

A powder compact is a must carry along at all times. If you don't have time for makeup, you'll be happy to at least dust some powder on your cheeks and forehead. If your company throws a last minute photo shoot at you, your compact will save your face.

Keep a lip-gloss or Chap Stick handy at all times. Not only does it make you so much more kissable should your sweetheart pop into the office for a surprise visit. With the winter approaching, it should also prevent your lips from drying up and chapping. Even without a true color lipstick, lip-gloss can make you feel sexy and so worth it.

And for your mane, invest in some hair accessories, mainly claw clips, hairpins and other barrettes. Whenever you find yourself without time for a decent hair do, you might simply twist your hair back and pin it to your head. Also keep some of those hair clips that allow you to pile all of your hair on top of your head effortlessly.

If you manage to find the time to get a manicure, make it last longer by applying clear polish every so often. Apply a clear topcoat daily to prevent the nail polish from cracking and chipping.

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