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Hitting the roads on a bike

The idea of hitting the road like a roadie is such a turn on, but over long distances, you might have second thoughts. Traveling is something everyone eagerly looks forward to and there's nothing as awful as having a much anticipated plan turn out sour. However if you pay attention to some basics, you should have a great time.

Get your bike checked out by a good mechanic, just before you hit the roads - even if it's just been a month since you last serviced it. Make sure you have your tool kit too.
You might not prefer a big, heavy bike in congested city traffic but is the perfect choice when traveling long distances. Heavy bikes are more stable in the wind and eliminate the extra weight of the passenger and luggage. Bikes that have a higher CC displacement can gulp up the miles of roads with ease.
Traveling by bike can be great fun, as long as your butt doesn't turn sore. Seats that are too hard are a pain in the rear right from the beginning. If the seat is too soft, it may feel comfortable at first but will turn sore over time as your buttocks dig themselves into a fixed position. The same goes for the knees. A flat and larger sitting area can allow you to slide a bit forward and backwards during the ride and thus relieve your knees from built up pressure. This isn't possible with seats that have pre formed shapes.
It is very important that you don't tire yourself. While riding when you're tired, you are more likely to make mistakes. So make sure you take a break before you get tired. Stop along the road for a few minutes to stretch your legs. Stretching your legs from time to time will have the result that you are able to ride much longer before getting tired.
When riding for long hours in the wind, you quickly to get hungry and dehydrated. For safety reasons, stop for snacks to eat and drink before you get hungry or thirsty. Carry sufficient drinking water and a few candy bars and other snacks.
Wear a face mask to keep the dust out of your system and no matter what the season, dress up to keep the wind out. You're going on a vacation for some fun, not to get sick!
The noise of the wind and engine can cause harm to your ears. When the wind passes gushes in through the helmet, it can create high-pitched noises. The longer your ears are exposed to such loud high tones, the more damage it causes your ears. Don't be stingy and invest in a good helmet.
Lastly avoid riding during the night. Unlike cars, the headlight of a bike is not sufficient to light up the road. On coming traffic with high beams can also be a threat on the road. Stop at the nearest motel or lodge before night fall. Wear bright colored clothes while riding in the dark and have a plain visor to prevent bugs from getting into your eyes.

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