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Look better in picture
Taking a picture? If your picture doesn't come out that good, don't snap at who ever took your picture. Instead learn a few basics and make a few preparations before you pose for the camera.
A shiny face due to the skin’s oil secretions does not look nice and says a lot about your neatness. It looks even worse on a photograph because it reflects the light. To minimize the shine, avoid using makeup that shimmer or have a shiny texture on the face.
The basic thing to do to achieve picture-perfect hair is to wash your hair and make sure it is clean before appearing for a photo shoot. Adopt a hairstyle that complements your face and looks most natural on you. If your hair is dyed or highlighted make sure you choose a color that looks nice against your complexion.
Wear clothes that enhance your figure, with a neckline that complements your face. Do not wear colors that do not suit you, and completely avoid patterns on your clothes that are too bold, too bright or too large. If your clothes are too loud, it'll drown you out in the picture. Similarly avoid over accessorizing.
Perhaps the most difficult part of posing for a photo is to give a genuine, beautiful smile. Turn your teeth pearly white with a teeth whitener or a visit to your dentist. To get that merry twinkle in your eyes and a smile that radiates, try thinking of the person that you love or of something funny just before the camera clicks.
With these tips, getting  beautiful results in your photographs should be a piece of (cheese) cake!

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