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Alcohol allergy
Different people are allergic to different things. Allergy is triggered in some people by the most common of things like dust or perfumes. Of the many things some people have allergic reactions to; alcohol is an allergen that can have fatal results.
The human body produces some alcohol by itself. Then you might wonder how can the body be allergic to something it itself produces? It is quite rare to be truly allergic to alcohol, more often than not it is some ingredient in the alcohol that a person can be allergic to. However those who are really allergic to alcohol can develop some real severe symptoms and hence should not take them lightly.
A person with a true alcohol allergy only has to consume one little sip of an alcoholic beverage to get symptoms of the allergic reaction. Less than one ounce of alcohol for a person with an allergy to it will make that person very seriously ill. Hives usually occur. Increase in temperature and heart rate, dropping of blood pressure, swelling of the face, lips and eyes and through. If these symptoms are not treated immediately anaphylactic shock will occur.
It's not only if you drink the alcohol that you get symptoms if you are truly allergic. Having a beer spilled on you can make you nearly as sick as taking just one sip. Similarly using products that contain alcohol will cause allergy symptoms, although not quite as severely as when it is ingested. People with alcohol allergies need to be very careful when choosing foods and products. Chocolate liquor, or any extracts or liquors will make you ill. Mouthwash, toothpastes, shampoos, and lotions all contain alcohol and can have unpleasant effects.

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