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Why a good breakfast is important
Breakfast literally means the meal with which we break our night-long fast. This is the first meal of the day and hence the most important one. After having deprived our mind and body of food all night, it is only logical that our system requires to be refueled. Families are often rushing through this meal, children sent to school carelessly fed and the adults even skipping it to rush to work. This has a bad effect on our health.
According to experts, breakfast boosts our brain-power, keeps us slim and lifts our mood. Nutritionists opine that, ideally, our breakfast should contain 500 calories-a quarter of the days nutritional needs. Such a breakfast also enhances physical performance, verbal fluency and the ability to recall. In addition to the many specific benefits of breakfast, eating the largest meal in the morning and decreasing food intake throughout the day is definitely good for your overall health.
It is not advisable to manage on a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits till lunchtime. Ensure that you and your family members have a proper breakfast, which will supply you the required energy to start your day well. There are different choices for breakfast items. While some swear by toast and egg variety, others go in for porridge, milk and cornflakes, noodles, pasta, bacon etc. Fresh fruit juice is highly recommended at breakfast, as it boosts the blood's glucose level. Seasonal fresh fruits should also be included on the breakfast table. A bowl of cereal is a must-have for many and a wide variety of cereals are available today to cater to every taste.
Children specially should have a healthy breakfast before they leave for school. If our breakfast does not contain adequate glucose, certain brain functions can be adversely affected, most notably memory. Parents should ensure that the child gets up sufficiently early to get ready and have time for a proper leisurely breakfast.
Weight-watchers often skip breakfast in the hope of reducing weight, an approach which has been proved to be wrong. Research has shown that high carbohydrate breakfasts of cereals, bread and fruit also have the advantage of helping reduce carbohydrate stores in the muscles. If you are watching your weight, go slow on sugar and butter; have a lot of fresh fruit (except mangoes, bananas, chikoos, custard apple), skimmed milk and other items.
As far as possible, the entire family should have breakfast together, as it gives a good start to the day. The family members can catch up on each others schedule for the day. Discuss the latest news or just chat. Research has shown that families who regularly sit down to a proper breakfast are more cohesive than those where each member grabs a hurried bite before rushing out of the door.

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