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Searching for your first job?
Searching for a job is always an unpredictable activity. Checking job listings in newspapers, surfing the web, writing resumes and waiting for the interview call can turn into a routine chore. The lesser experienced you are, the more the hunt is likely to stretch. It must be noted that you may not get the first job you apply for, or the second for that matter. A job search can take time, and it is advised that you keep on at it. Whether you have any experience or not, here's how to ensure you're a top-notch candidate for the jobs you are applying for.
Follow up: Wait a few days, then follow-up your application with a phone call to the hiring manager reiterating your interest. If you have applied in person, stop in again and mention that you are really interested in the opportunity.
Keep applying to various other openings: Don't apply at one place and wait for the phone to ring. Complete as many job applications as you can, and consider a variety of positions. The more you apply the better chance you have of finding a job.
Be flexible: Applicants who are only available for limited hours are less likely to get hired than those who are flexible as to when they can work. Be prepared to work longer than just a few of hours.
Use your connections: If you have a connection, use it. Maybe there's someone you know who knows about wanted positions, could use some of his/her influence, or simply recommend you as an interesting candidate. By all means use any help you can get.
Dress appropriately: When applying for jobs, dress as though you had the job. If you're applying for a retail position, for example, visit the store before you apply to see what the staff is wearing. It will give you an idea as to how you should dress. When in doubt, dress up, not down.
Don't quit:  Job searching isn't easy, especially when you don't have much experience or many skills. Keep trying and keep applying and you will find a job. Your first job will be a stepping stone to your next job - and to your future career.

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