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Unforgivable Grooming Mistakes Men Make
Men make grooming mistakes. Men weren't meant to be pretty or neat, so it's rather unfair to expect the best from a man in this department. However, in this age of Brad Pitts and David Beckhams, a few things are considered to be a must know for all men. Men who fail to handle the following are simply unforgivable. A hot car, cool threads or a hot chick hanging on the arm doesn't mean much if you overlook the following.
1. Nose Hair
Your nostrils passed inspection in the bathroom in the morning. During the day in front of others you sneeze. After math, you have short thick hairs sticking out. YUCK! It's time to trim your nose hair! 
2. The Uni-Brow
Eyebrows are referred to in the plural because people are supposed to have a set. So, if you are the unlucky owner of a continuous "uni-brow" … it's time to do some division. To remove unwanted hairs, use tweezers to grip hairs at their base and pull in the direction of hair growth. A longer-term solution is a quality waxing kit.
3. B.O.
That stands for "Body Odor". The very word is embarrassing enough to spell or pronounce, so if you're carrying one around, don't blame those who refuse to recognize you! Try a scented body wash, nice cologne or a good deodorant.
4. Bad Breath
If your breath has more kick than Bruce Lee, spend a little more time brushing (specifically your tongue). For additional help, give your mouthwash a solid 30-second gargle.
5. Missed Shaving Spots
Missing spots when you shave isn't cute...nor is it handsome. It's disgustingly weird. Check properly before you put away your razors.
6. Abused hands
A man's hands don't need to look pretty, but they should certainly be presentable. After all, your hands are the first thing you offer a prospective boss or wife. To keep your hands looking good, get a manicure every now and then and use a hand moisturizer daily.
7. The Comb-Over
Covering a balding head with a comb over isn't going to fool anyone. Instead go bald and bare it all, the ultimate sign of masculinity.
8. Mismatched Cologne
Cologne may smell great out of the bottle, but less than pleasant once you put it on your body. That's because everyone's body chemistry is unique and certain fragrances just don't fare well on certain people. Cologne isn't supposed to make you stink… so try it on and give yourself a whiff before you buy.
9. Yellow Teeth
The term is “pearly whites” not “rusty yellows.” Keep your set of ivories sparkling with the aid of a whitening toothpaste. Professional whitening systems can also do the trick.
10. Neck Hair
You know that hair that accumulates on your neck in-between haircuts? Well, that's very out of place so braid it or shave it.

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