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6 reasons why your teen should get a job
Money doesn't grow on trees. That's something that if you teach your child early will help see him go far in life. The best way to teach this would be to let your child experience it by himself. Yes, out there in the big, hard world; after all not everything is learnt in school. Sending your young one to earn his own pocket money may seem harsh to your kid, but sooner or later your kid will have to make it on his own out there. Here are 6 reasons that should convince you that getting your child to earn his own money is the right choice.
1. Be more responsible
A job is a responsibility as others will depend on your kid to get work done. Unlike at home where your kid is answerable to you, getting work outside will make him accountable to other people.
2. Pay for his own entertainment
The older kids' get, the greater their expenses become, with most of the money going out on entertainment like movies, games and dances. You can either keep paying your child to squander your hard earned money or you can help him raise his own expenses.
3. Learn the value of money
After having to work to earn money, your kid will learn the value of money. This would be an opportunity for him to learn how to budget the things he wants. When money stops coming in freely, he'll have to prioritize the things he wants and spend accordingly.
4. Manage time
With less free time on his hands he would be forced to manage his schedule between school, homework, entertainment, and his new job. By forcing him to manage his time effectively, your kid can learn to balance between the things that need to be done, and the things he wants to do.
5. Adult interaction
A job that will indulge your kid in interaction with adults will help him to interact with people on a more adult level. This will help him mature in his behavior.
6. Keep him out of trouble
In conclusion, a kid with a job is more responsible and will have a more adult mindset than his peers. With out much time to loaf around, the chances of getting into trouble are also less. 

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