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Why do some dogs eat feces?
Some dogs can't seem to resist eating feces. These dogs will eat their own excrement or that of another dog or whosever's is available. Why do dogs have such a disgusting habit?
It was believed in the past that this was caused by poor diet or poor health. However today, it is thought to be otherwise as this belief is not supported by current researches. It is considered more likely to be a scavenging habit of a scavenging lifestyle dogs lead in the historical times.
Eating of feces is however a normal behavior mother dogs with pups. The mother teaches the newborn pups to urinate and defecate by licking their bottoms. The pups respond to this "tickle" by urinating and defecating. The mother then consumes the pups' excrement, which serves two protective purposes: it keeps the den area clean and it removes smells that could attract a predator. Some pups learn this behavior from their mothers and will stimulate themselves and consume their own feces. Most pups stop by the time they are weaned.
It is more difficult to understand why adult dogs eat feces. Some dogs will learn this behavior from other dogs. In some cases, eating feces may be an attention-seeking behavior. For some dogs it is possibly due to anxiety or boredom. Most often the
motivation for eating feces is just not known.
The best solution is to supervise the dog and not let it develop the habit. Don't allow the opportunity to arise. Keep the dog's yard clean by disposing of feces promptly. While taking your dog for a walk have him leashed or use a muzzle.

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