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With the different career options that surround us, it’s not hard to get confused what we would like to do for a living. Often we find ourselves dissatisfied with our own jobs and on the lookout for a new one. What would we like to be doing? Obviously it would be something that we’d find pleasure in performing.

It’s common to look at others and envy the jobs they hold. But simply assuming that we would be happy just because they seem happy isn’t the key to finding the perfect job. To get a career that fits us like a second skin requires more than just eyeing around. Discovering the right job for you requires that you take a deeper look in your mind and yourself and notice what really keeps you happy.


Pay attention: Pay attention to times when you are really enjoying yourself. What are the activities that make you happy or fulfilled? What is it about this activity that makes you enjoy it so?


Get inspiration: Notice problems that stir your compassion or excite your imagination.  Reflect on stories of people you admire.


Be open: Adopt an open mind set, be open to all ideas, even if they may seem silly at first. Consider all ideas as a possibility.


Be patient: Finding the right job will take time. You might find yourself on the wrong bus at times, but the idea is to keep your patience and keep on trying.


Dream: It doesn’t hurt to dream if you also work towards it. Dream of what you'd like to be doing and actually achieving that position. After all everything starts as a dream.

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