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People who are allergic to animals may have a hard time living with their pets. Cats and dogs are no different. And when it’s the beloved family pet, things can be rather difficult. Unless anyone in your house is seriously allergic to Kale or Sheru, there’s no need to tear apart from your pet.

What makes your pet a source of allergy? The animal's skin has tiny glands which secrete tinier allergy-triggering proteins, called allergens. These allergens not only remain in the animal's fur but also float easily in the air. Allergens are present in the animal's saliva and urine, too, and may become airborne when the saliva and urine dry. Reaction to the allergens may range anything from mild sniffling and sneezing to the more serious asthma. If anyone in the household is allergic to these allergens, take the following measures to insure better comfort.


It is advised that you create a pet free zone in the house. For example restrict the access of the pet into the bedroom to ensure that no allergens are flying around.

Bath your pet every week to reduce the level of allergens on fur.

Use furnishings that do not catch much dust. Use impermeable covers, curtains or carpets. Dust, vacuum clean and wash these furnishings regularly.
Don't be quick to blame the family pet for allergies. You could be having allergic reactions to something else. See your allergist before jumping on conclusions.




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