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Cubed up in a cubicle?

Office cubicles are designed for economy, but is it designed to enhance productivity? Does it inspire creativity or even inspire anything positive at all? If you work in a cubicle, you might already know the effects it can have. If you don’t, then consider yourself lucky!

The cubicle supposedly isolates an individual so that the individual can devote his/her attention to his/her work. Confined to a small space should help the employee to focus on his/her work. While this may sound logical and even work in terms of getting things done, how healthy is this approach? Is an eight feet by eight feet workspace the best environment to produce equally good results?


Man is a social animal so it is only natural that he prospers in a surrounding where he is psychologically, physically and socially contented. A cubicle for an office does not meet this basic need. While it is true that working in isolation can help an individual work without being interrupted, being isolated in a cubicle seldom meets this objective. To get good results, it is necessary that the individual gets a proper balance of interaction and isolation.

Health wise too, cubicles aren’t anything recommendable. Cubicle walls may interrupt flow of fresh air and block refreshing outside view but they do not stop the noise that pours in. With no doors to shut, over head lights to adjust or temperatures to regulate, the cubicle is a rather discomforting place. This discomfort can cause stress and negative effects on our health and overall wellbeing.

A walk to the water cooler, a short talk with a coworker, getting out and taking in a breath of clean air or a scenic view all can work wonders to minimize the effects of cubical life.


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