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Constipation and Depression


Many depressed people experience constipation and it is not rare to find a constipated person who is depressed. Do people who suffer from one of these be automatically a likely candidate for the other?

Constipation is when an individual has two or fewer bowel movements within a week Patients are also considered constipated if they experience hard stools, straining or incomplete evacuations.

Depression can be the result of numerous factors like lifestyle changes, eating habits, loss of a loved one and health issues. Since depression is a condition of extremes, it can be rather difficult to diagnose in many cases. The two most obvious symptoms of depression include feelings of sadness or hopelessness and a general loss of interest in daily activities that usually bring pleasure. Depression can cause weight gain or weight loss, insomnia or the sufferer may want to sleep all day; it can cause movement painful while at the same time causing restlessness. And yes, it can cause constipation or diarrhea.

Depression affects the body’s entire system, not just the emotional aspect. It causes the digestive system to function improperly. Headaches and bodily pain are commonplace.

Also, patients are usually prescribed Antidepressants. One of the main side effects of Antidepressants is constipation.


To reduce the chances of becoming constipated and/or depressed it is recommended that you start eating a healthy diet, following a regular exercise routine and try to follow a regular sleep pattern.

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