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Grooming for the modern man

Gone are the days when a desirable man was defined as someone rough and smelling of sun and sweat. Today, a man who seems to have come straight from the fields is just about where a woman will send him. To score more at the dating game, it’s necessary that you groom up like a peacock. Blame Hollywood all you want, but that’s not going to change anything. If you want to change anything, you’ll have to change your appearance first. So face it like a man and head for the dresser. 

Keep your face neat with a good shave. Whether you decide to sport a moustache or goatee, you’ll still have to keep it neatly trimmed and the other areas of the face well shaved. Don’t mess it up with a lousy shave.


Razor blades can be quite expensive. To keep your blades sharp and effective, after finishing a shave, clean and remove the blade head. After it dries dip it in a small cup of mineral oil. Keep it there until the next shave. When you need to shave again, simply rub the blade with some rubbing alcohol. Following this will give you more shaves out of your blades.

If you are a host to unwanted acne, you ought to keep warding them off. Acnes on the face can be controlled with a good scrub. Exfoliate every three times a week and cleanse your face with a good face wash. With many products available in the market, it is necessary that you find one that works best for you.

If you suffer from acne across your back, use a back scrubber to reach those unreachable areas. Cotton fibers are known to trap oil near the skin and so back acne is often caused by the wearing of cotton garments. Switching to synthetic fibers should help get the problem off your back.

With dark circles under the eyes, things won’t look so bright for you with the opposite sex. Apply some mashed potato with a cloth to the area under your eyes. Let it sit for some fifteen to twenty minutes. You are bound to see some improvements. This is because the potato contains a chemical - catecholase which is used by cosmetic companies as a skin lightener.

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