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Burning calories in a busy life

Staying in shape requires that you exercise regularly. Of course you know that, in fact you’ve known that ever since you started worrying about the number of kilos you’ve packed on. But the sad part is, whose got the time? Whether you’re the bread winner or home maker, finding the time to exercise is a hard thing to conjure.

Exercise isn’t the only way to keep physically in shape. Incorporating some physical activities or not avoiding any chore that includes some calorie burning should also help a lot.

Take the stairs instead of an escalator at work or at the shopping mall. Instead of sending a kid to get a certain thing from upstairs or downstairs, get into the habit of running your own errands. Climbing stairs is a great toner. The longer the flight of stairs, the better it is for you. Count your blessings!

Squeeze in some walking in your routine. Park your car a little away from your office or the shopping mall so that you have to walk to your destination. A few yards of walking is better than none.

Cut down on the calories and fats and replace them with plenty of greens and fruits. Make your dinner a light one so that the calories don’t add up while you sleep.

Laughter is the best medicine even for those wanting to burn calories. Spend your
evenings in front of the TV and laugh away your pounds with some hilarious sitcoms.

Many may find themselves with some time in the evenings after dinner. Make it a habit of strolling after having taken your dinner. It’s good for the digestion too.


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