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Besides knowing the recipes to different dishes, a good cook, housewife or home keeper is one who knows how to make use of the things available in the kitchen. Most people may know the other uses of baking soda and vinegar, but how many of you know the additional benefits of lemon, salt and potato? Read the following tips and get smarter on the secrets of a kitchen!

The tingly tasting lemons and its juice not only clean, but smell great, too.

  • Use sliced lemons if cooked in the microwave freshens it. Place a bowl of water with three or four lemon slices in the microwave and cook on high for 30 seconds.
  • Copper can be cleaned to a polish by dipping a cut lemon in salt and rubbing on the copper.
  • Cleanse your cutting broads by rubbing halved lemons on them. This also gets rid of the odor if any has accumulated on the boards.
  • Clean laminated counter tops by rubbing with lemons or lemon juice for gentle cleansing.


  • Salt is something almost every Nepali dish requires. Besides being a taste enhancer, salt is useful as a soak and mild abrasive. It is also known to kill germs and preserve foods.
  • Sprinkle salt on spillovers and oven drips while they are still liquid. The salt absorbs the drips. Wipe the mess away when it cools.

  • For burnt on foods in enameled pots, cover the pot bottom with water, add four to five tablespoons of salt and soak overnight. Bring to a boil in the morning and the food should lift away.

  • Frequent washing of cast iron washes away the non-stick "seasoning" from the pans. As an alternative, shake salt on the pans, then wipe clean. Wash with soap after every other use. Do this prior to cooking to keep fried foods from sticking.

  • These are a few other salt cleaning tips: mix salt and vinegar to clean copper or rub damp salt to remove dried or cooked-on egg. Food and soap scum can be removed from sinks by scouring with salt, too.


Besides being a energy rich food, potatoes are also strong cleaners.
Potatoes are often on hand in home kitchens, and are useful for cleaning metals. Rub raw potatoes on rusted pans, or save the water from boiled potatoes and dip tarnished silver in it when cool to restore shine.

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