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Keeping trendy in the winter

How important is fashion? How important is it to look trendy? A quick look at the younger girls should give you a clue. Even when the temperature is bone chilling cold, they dress like its only autumn; its like winter doesn’t even exist!

Following fashion or getting into a trend never is easy. You might not be as young, hot blooded or crazy enough like the youngsters today, but dress up a little bit strategically and you’ll get close.

Insulate yourself with thermal underwear. Except for hatching an egg, these things really work. Thermal underwear that fits like a second skin should work like a hide. It insulates so well and also ventilates at the same time without creating additional bulk. This saves you the trouble of a adding an extra couple layers of clothes and also holds any sagging fat.

Another way to get rid of an extra layer of cloth is to wear fewer layers made of warmer fabrics. Limit your cotton layers and replace them with a Pashmina or soft wool. This will make you look trendier and slimmer.

Wear skinny jeans. You might want to wear a dress or skirt often too. Wear wool stockings and choose them in dark colors for a slimming illusion.

Buy coats that hug your waist line. Despite the thickness of the cloth, if it dips and rises at the waist, it’ll flatter your figure or even better exaggerate the curve to the imagination.

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