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Suffering from a low appetite?

Some people have a ravenous appetite whereas some don’t feel hungry, even when it’s been hours after their last meal. Those with an appetite that doesn’t demand frequently, find themselves forcing food into their stomachs. While it might not seem much a concern for those who aren’t underweight, it can be a real hurdle to those who want to gain weight. However, underweight or not, the body needs its nourishment not only for weight sake but to remain healthy and strong. If you aren’t taking in as much food as you should be, here are some things you might want to try to adequately fuel your body.

Take up some form of exercise to stir up your appetite. It needn’t necessarily be some hard weight training; an hour of walking around the neighborhood should also work.

When hungry, eat a little more than you usually do.

Try eating smaller meals frequently rather than large ones. Instead of 3 large meals, you may find it easier to take in 5 smaller meals. Instead of relying on your appetite, make a schedule and stick to it.


Limit fluids during meals. Drinking too much of fluid during meals will fill up space unnecessarily.

The surroundings can also have an effect on your appetite. Create a pleasant environment with lightings and music. Similarly a simple, everyday dish can be made more interesting if decoratively laid out. 

Experiment with new foods. Try new foods; change your menu to include different tastes.

If the lack of appetite makes all this is hard to keep up with, you might want to take a multivitamin supplement. Vitamin supplements are what they are – supplements and not a replacement of a proper meal.

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