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Winter and your skin

The winter is harshest of seasons for the skin. Low temperatures and dry air dries and cracks the skin. As the temperature drops outside, indoors we resign to the warmth of a fire or the heater. While it keeps us very warm, it also dehydrates us. Steaming hot showers in the winter are a luxury that can be expected but not always available. With fluctuations from one extreme to another, the havoc of winter is doubled.

The signs of the effect of winter on skin are very obvious. Dry, coarse and pale skin, scratch marks from scratching, chapped lips and cracked feet are the symptoms of a skin under the assault of winter. To ensure the safety of your skin take the following into consideration.


Be generous with your moisturizer. Apply moisturizer on your hands and face everyday after getting up in the morning and going to bed in the night.

Use moisturizer, cold creams or Vaseline or what ever works best for you.

Showering with hot water dries up the skin. So after showering or bathing do not completely towel dry the skin. Pat softly with a towel and leave the skin slightly damp. Next apply baby oil or body moisturizer and pat with a towel as before to leave a slightly damp skin.

Drink plenty of fluids. With cold nagging at you a glass of water or juice isn’t that tempting and it’s easy to get dehydrated in front of the heater.

Keep your lips soft, moist and kissable with a lip balm.

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