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How you can get dehydrated in the winter?

When you hear someone suffering from dehydration, the first reasoning that comes to mind is either illness or excessive heat. It is no wonder that we immediately link this word with the dog days of summer. However, have it known that dehydration can also happen in the winter. The worse part is that most of us are unaware of this fact and most importantly not even aware of it as it happens.

While you might not feel the water escaping your body in the form of sweat in the winter, those who play or engage in strenuous activity out doors in the winter can lose body water simply by breathing. As the cold and dry airs of the winter is breathed in, our body is robbed of moisture from the mouth, throat and lungs. This is because the dry air that we take in needs to be humidified so that the lungs can use it.

The urge to go to the urinal every often is something we all experience in the cold temperatures. This is because the cold raises the blood pressure and make the kidneys work harder, thus producing more urine. With every visit to the bathroom, we loose more body fluid.

Excessive layers of clothing can also produce sweat without noticing its presence. Not to overlook are the factors like staying indoors next to a heater and taking hot baths that dry up the skin. Also because it’s cold, many people do not find the idea of drinking water very appealing and may take to drinking tea and coffee. Tea and coffee are known to increase urination.

Don’t wait until you feel thirsty as you may already be dehydrated by then. Drink often and eat a lot of fruits to keep your body hydrated. If you’re going to exercise, it is advised you drink plenty of water at least an hour before hand.

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