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Understanding your old dog

What separates a dog from the other animals is his loyalty. A loyal and loving companion, dogs are the most popular pets in the world. A dog’s genuine happiness shows when you return home from work with an eager wagging of its tail, it spends long nights keeping watch over the family and simply stays by your side when you need a companion. It’s hard not to want to keep a dog for a pet.

However as dogs grow old, they might not be as energetic and alert as they once were. They too suffer from changes in body and mind like aging humans do. Dogs reach old age depending on their breed and size, but on an average, most dogs reach old at an age of about seven earth years. An old dog, like the rest of us, needs love and support from those near to him.

A dog that has entered its old age will undergo several changes in its appearance and character. The fur around his muzzle and eyebrows may turn gray. Most noticeable is the change in his energy levels, he becomes less active and doesn’t seem as eager to play. Keep in mind that he may become irritable around children and other dogs.

An old dog is likely to suffer from arthritis and may find it hard to move about but he still needs the exercise, so go easy on walks with him. His hearing and vision also gradually weakens. With loss in hearing, he may become less responsive to your commands. Do not approach your old companion from behind or disturb him in his sleep. As his vision becomes a cloudy mess, rearranging of furniture or shifting of his kennel to new locations can be a trouble for him.

Make sure your old dog has a warm and cozy place to sleep. An old dog need not much food but will need plenty of water to drink. Keep him warm, cozy and hydrated in a peaceful environment. Let him retire in peace. 

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