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Searching for the right job

What is the right job about? A right job is more about getting satisfaction out of it rather than big money. A good job is a job that keeps you happy. Money, benefits and a well furnished office mean nothing if you aren’t happy at what you do everyday for a living. Does your job have the following basic attributes for happiness at work? If not, you might want to look out for other options.

Short commute
The need to commute long distances to work everyday accumulates its toll over time. Commuting in bad weather, getting stuck at traffic jams, the risk of accidents and fatigue over driving or riding long distances can be very stressful. Facing traveling hazards and coping with them everyday can be very tiring.

Manageable workflow 
Managing the workflow is not only about getting things done in time, it’s also about managing your personal life. If you can’t control your workflow, you risk messing up your personal life. Make sure you are capable of doing and managing the job you’re after.

Challenging goals
Any job that gets repetitive or loses it challenge over time tends to get boring. Choose jobs that will provide you with new challenges over time to keep you interested and happy.

Good boss
A good boss who is one who can lead by example, inspire confidence and is an understanding human rather than a boss from hell. A good boss will also provide you with clear goals and provide you with feedback.

Close co-worker friends
Co-workers play an important role in how much you will enjoy your job. Having at least two good friends at work will see to it that your work flows smoothly. With good friends to help you with your tasks and make your work place a more pleasant place to be everyday, going to work becomes a whole lot fun.


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