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Sitting all day is harmful to health

Does you work demand that you stay in front of a desk all day? Do you spend your evenings slumped on a couch in front of the TV? If yes, and you’re following the same routine for 6 days a week, you rightly lead a “sedentary lifestyle”. Even if you exercise for an hour everyday but spend the rest of the day resting on your bums, the exercise will not be sufficient enough to reverse the ill effects of your inactivity. Prolonged hours of inactivity are known to weaken the body and increase the chances of getting diseased. Living a sedentary life exposes one to the possibilities of various health defects, namely diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

As mentioned before simply exercising an hour everyday isn’t enough to counter this problem. It is necessary that you maintain optimal metabolism through out the daytime. To achieve this, it is advised that you make it a habit to stand and walk around frequently while doing your work. An interesting thing you should know is that simply standing doubles the metabolic rate as compared to when sitting. When you stand, you bring your muscles into action, just to bear the weight of your body and keep it upright. As it is quite possible to lose track of the time spent at the desk or in front of the TV, keep a timer nearby and set it to remind you take momentary breaks. Stand, walk and stretch your muscles and live a healthier life.

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