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Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

“Good night. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” We’ve all been hearing that rhyme ever since we were kids. However many of us may have never seen one, but they do exist. Since they are so small and illusive, they aren’t often seen.
Bed bugs are small and brown in color and measure about 6 to 10 mm long. They have an oval body and a short, broad head. The body as a whole is broad and flat. Unfed adults are around, brown and wingless. After feeding, they swell slightly in size and darken to a blood-red color. The nymphs are shaped like the adults, but are yellow-white in color. Bed bugs are wingless and cannot fly or jump, but are able to enter into extremely small locations in the home because of their flattened bodies.
Usually you don’t see the bed bugs as they hide during the day time or when you turn on the lights. True to their names, these little pests live in or next to a bed. When the lights go off and you lay to sleep, these little vampires come out from hiding and begin sucking on human blood. The next morning the victim will see unmistakable signs of their attack – numerous itchy welts. Other signs include reddish spots of blood dried on the sheets, dark fecal matter stains in hiding areas close to the bed, and particulates and refuse from their eggs and molted skins.

To prevent your bed and yourself from bed bugs there are some things you can do.
Any nook or cranny is another place for bed bugs to hide. So you should keep your house clean and clutter-free. Vacuum clean your rooms and bed frequently, paying extra-special attention to the crevices and corners in and around the mattress – seams, edges, between mattresses and box springs, corners. Washing your regular bedding often in hot water and drying your mattresses, pillows and blankets in the sun can get rid of any bugs. If your home has been heavily infested with bed bugs, you might want to use pesticides.


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