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Houseplants and winter

How well are your plants indoors coping with the winter? Many of those fragile plants may wither and die during the winter. While the plants indoors do not have to cope with the frosty nights like those outside have to, it should be remembered that these plants also may not getting as much sunlight. With some precaution, your delicate indoor plant can survive the winter.

Many houseplants go into a state of rest in the winter. When plants enter this state of rest, they stop growing or flowering. If your houseplant also goes into this kind of state, let it rest over winter. These plants require little or no fertilizing and a reduction in watering to allow this rest to occur. Water these plants only when the soil becomes almost dry and stop fertilizing entirely, except for those plants which are growing vigorously or flowering.

Winter temperatures fluctuate greatly indoors as well. It may be warm when the heating is turned on and drop drastically when switched off. The best option would be to take them into warmer rooms for the winter. A room that has sufficient lighting is most preferable. Winter air is dry enough in itself and this can be worsened by the heating devices. Plants should be kept away from such sources of heat. Some smart ideas to help increase the humidity would be to group plants together, placing the plants on a tray of damp gravel and spraying the plants daily.

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