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Considering a dog as a pet?

Choosing a dog is more than just picking the cutest dog. There are many breeds to choose from and it’s about choosing a breed that fits your lifestyle. While it is possible to modify a dog to meet your way of life through extensive on-going training, it is much easier and a lot more enjoyable to choose a breed of dog that matches your lifestyle. Here are some things you should keep in mind while choosing a dog.

Many dogs make wonderful pets for first time dog owners. However some breeds do much better with an owner who has previous experience in handling dogs. First time dog owners should look for a dog that is friendly and easily trainable.

Not all dog breeds are prone to accept children or other household pets. Look for breeds that accept children and other pets. If you have a lot of visitors, you might want a dog that is friendly to strangers.

Dogs come in all sizes: small, medium and large. Larger dogs need larger space and exercise. How much space and exercise can you provide? Some dogs do well with small space and be good choices for indoor apartment living.

Dogs with longer hair need more grooming and their hair can be a visible nuisance when they shed. If you’re keeping him indoors, you might want a dog with shorter hair.

Grooming and shedding are a main concern with most first time dog owners. Long-haired dogs may require a lot more grooming than short or hairless dogs. Short-haired dogs require much less work but some shed their fur constantly.

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