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Discolored smiles

In the cold of the winter, tea and coffee are dear to us. With the temperature around us freezing, there’s nothing quite like a hot mug of coffee or cup of tea to keep one charged. It warms the chest and brings a smile to the face. That’s when you realize, your teeth could be just as dirty as that of the person drinking his beverage just opposite to you!

Drinking excessive coffee and tea can cause the teeth to stain. Coffee and tea both contain tannic acid which can be tough on teeth, because tannic acid engraves itself into the miniature pits and grooves of the tooth enamel. Overtime, the result is an unattractive smile of brown teeth. What can you do to keep your ivories sparkling white?

To prevent your teeth from getting all brown, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with a glass of water after every cup of coffee or tea. If that doesn’t make you feel secure enough, you can wipe off your front teeth with a tissue. Having at least an apple a day also helps. The mildly acidic and astringent quality of an apple actually scrubs and cleans the teeth. Celery and carrots also provide the similar benefits. You could also try rubbing a little baking soda or coarse salt on your teeth.

Stick to the fundamentals and brush your teeth twice daily. If all these don’t seem to be working, you could always visit your dentist and get your teeth bleached.

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