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Driving in the fog

The winters of Nepal are notorious for their bone chilling cold and dense, blinding fogs. While driving in mild fogs might not be much of a concern, driving when the fogs are very dense is a hard and risky feat. If you have to drive in such thick fogs, proceed with caution.

While driving in dense fogs, you will want to;

Slow down – With low visibility, accidents can occur from speeding. Keep an eye on the speedometer; you might not even know you’re speeding.

Avoid using high beams - Keep fog lights on at all times. If traveling through thick fog, turn on regular lights. It may be tempting to drive with high beams glaring. High beams will only be reflected back off the fog and actually impair visibility even more. This could also cause difficulty for any oncoming traffic.
Turn down the radio – You should keep your ears alert for any traffic that you can not see. Turn down the radio and open your windows slightly to hear better.

Stop and pull over - If foggy conditions become intense, pull over and stop driving. If you have to stop for other reasons also, make sure the pull off spot is in a safe location and keep your tail lights on.

Keep your distance – It may seem easier to follow the tail light of the vehicle just in front of you. Depending upon the level of visibility, the distance between the two vehicles can be less. Should the vehicle in front of you suddenly stop or maneuver, you run the risk of crashing into the car or something else. 

Keep an eye on the lines in the middle of the road - While driving in the fog, one may have difficulty with staying on your side of the road. Keep a close eye on the line that divides the lanes.

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