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Should you add another dog to your family?

Do you plan to add another dog to your family? Is it a good idea? It is a tempting idea, especially when you see a cute pup somewhere outside your home. While many house holds have been successful in introducing a new dog to their homes, such may not always be the case. Two dogs mean twice as more of trouble, work and expenses. Besides your side of the problems, the chances of the two dogs getting along is unpredictable. So before you bring in a new dog, it is necessary that you determine whether both you and your dog are ready to bring in a new pet or not.

What is the reason behind you wanting to bring in a new dog? If you’re bringing in a new dog because you want your dog to have company, you might have to think again. Your dog may not like or get along with the new dog and vice versa. If you think your dog needs another dog just because you’re not able to give your dog any time, then keep in mind that you’ll need to give the new dog some time too. If you can’t give one dog any time how will find the time for two? Bringing a new dog just so that your dog will get exercise is also not good enough a reason. There is no saying whether the two will get along.

Your dog’s personality will also have to be considered before you bring in a new dog. Some dogs may not be socialized enough, especially those who’ve been taken away and reared in solitude at a very young age. A dog that hasn’t been well socialized may not feel comfortable around other dogs. A territorial dog will also not accept other dogs into his area. Also if your dog is very close to you, bringing in another dog will only make him jealous. If your current dog has any behavioral problems, take the time to transform them before you bring in another dog. Adding a second dog will not solve behavioral problems. In fact, they may worsen them and your new dog may actually learn bad behaviors from the other dog.

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